Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Nail Treatment

Heeey guys! I started this new nail treatment yesterday and i think its pretty blog-worthy! I'm gonna say what i do, how often, and i'm gonna blog my results.

Materials Needed:

1.) Oil (i use olive oil)
2.) Salt (i just use regular salt but sea salt is extra helpful)
3.) Hands (LOL)


1.) Get a bowl or tiny cup and put some oil and salt in it (not very much oil is needed; dont mix the salt in just let it sink to bottom)
2.) Make sure hands our dry and clean with nothing on them
3.) Either soak hands in the mixture or dab some on the nail (top, cuticle and under the nail)
4.) Let that soak for as long as you desire (i do 10 mins)
5.) Massage the oil into your fingers
6.) If you dabbed the oil on your fingers put more oil in the palm, if you soaked your hands just take them out
7.) Use a spoon or your finger to grab some of the salt and put that in your palm too
8.) Massage the salt and oil for as long as you want (i do 10 minutes)
9.) Wash hands
10.) Apply moisturizer

* I do this everyday since yesterday LOL

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),


Sunday, June 17, 2012

High School Beauty Expenses and Wishlist

Hiii everyone. I haven't posted in awhile so i'm gonna post about my "need to have for high school" beauty wishlist:


1.) Naked 2 Palette - $40

2.) Primer Potion- $20

3.) Eyeliner - $30

4.) Foundation- $20

5.) Concealer- $20

6.) Liplicious- $8

7.) Nude lipsticks- $3-$10


1.) Base coat- $8

2.) Top coat- $8

3.) Laquers- $8-$10

4.) remover- $1


1.) 10 Drawer Organizer- $50

2.) cups and vases- $5-$10


1.) Headbands- $2-$10

Total: ~$245

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nail Goal

Hiii everyone, here are my nail goals! I hope to achieve them before high school so in a couple years!

Goal: Stop biting my nails and the skin around them

Prob: Biting
( I always bite the skin around my nails when i'm nervous or bored and i want to stop because bad nails show insecurity and lack of respect)


Goal: Manicure and Pedicure Hands and Feet more often

Prob: poor hands and feet


Goal: Use moisturizer and cuticle creme everytime i wash my hands

Prob: dry skin, rough cuticles

Putting hand cream by the bathroom sink

Goal: Exfoliate hands regularly

Prob: rough skin


Goal: Invest in a good base and top coat:

Prob: cracking nails, bubbling, peeling


Goal: Stop peeling and scraping off nail polish

Prob: bad top coat


Goal: Sterilize tools after use

Prob: bacteria


(soak for 30 mins)

Goal: Squarer nails with soft sides

Prob: Round nails


 shaping nail when ever nessacary

And those are my nail goals i hope to achieve before high school. Thanks for reading! <3 And suscribe if you haven't already!

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),


Ultimate Nail Collection

Hii, everyone! I'm gonna post my ultimate must have before  and for high school nail supplies list! (LOL) So here we go:


1.) Cuticle Nippers
 (And look, these are gold<3)
2.) Cutcile Knife

3.) Emery Board

4.) File
(its gold too<3 and square!)
5.) Hard Skin Rasp
(gold too<3)
6.) Magic Wand

7.) Nail Scissors
8.) Nail Buffer
(6 sided<3)
9.) Toenail clippers
(more GOLD<3)
10.) Electric file

11.) Electric File bits

12.) Supply Tray

13.) Tweezers
14.) Toe Seperators
15.) Marbling and Dotting Tools

16.) scissors

Nail Art:

1.) Magnifying glass

2.) Nail Brush
3.) Sable brushes

4.) nail pens

5.) sponges
6.) nail foils
 EFFECT: green foil nails

7.) rhinestones

8.) glitter

9.) striping tape

10.) leaf

11.) flat stones


1.) Waste bin

2.) manicure bowl

3.) pedicure bowl

4.) glass dappen dishes

5.) glass jar

6.) antibacterial soap

7.) soak (foot)

8.) sanitizer

9.) handcream/lotion

10.) soap-free cleanser

11.) foot balm

12.) skin exfoliating cream

13.) cuticle cream/oil

14.) foot mask

Nail Polish

1.) ridgefiller

2,) basic base coat

3.) specialist base coat

4.) nail whitener

5.) strengthener/hardener

6.) cuticle remover

7.) nail polish

8.) top coat

9.) liquid nail dry/ high shine


1.) towels

2.) cotton balls/wipes

3.) lint-free pads

4.) orangewood stick

5.) papertowel


1.) ventilated area

2.) storage

3.) desk lamp

4.) protective eyewear (optional)

And thats it! Thanks for reading! (:

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),