Thursday, August 23, 2012

Importance Series

Hiiii everyone! This time i'll be posting about the importance of a good base. When i say a good base i mean makeup-wise! (:

Some may ask why is a good base is important. Well im gonna tell you! A good base for makeup is like a good base for cupcakes. ( I know, im obsessed. I just had to connect it to cupcakes, didnt i. )

If you dont have a good base ( cupcake pans and liners ) your cupcakes wont be as beautiful. With makeup its a bit less serious though. If you skip foundation and go straight to mascara the world wont end but if you try to make cupcakes on a cookie sheet something will go wrong!

Here are some possibilities. This isnt a concrete list so change this to fit your skin type and preferences.

- Primers ( a face primer is used to fill pores, gaps, and wrinkles to create a smooth surface. This step is optional, good f or all skin types )
- Concealer ( a cream, liquid, mousse, etc. formula for hiding small imperfections. not ment for all over the face wear )
- Foundation ( a liquid, creme, powder, etc. formula used to create a nice base for makeup, all over face wear )
- Translucent Powder ( a light powder formula used to seal in the base and create a matte or dewy finish, all over face wear )


1. I reccommend applying primer with a finger
2. Apply concealer with a finger or a small concealer brush
3. Apply foundation with a brush
4. Apply translucent powder with a large fluffy brush
5. Use a foundation that is specifically for the finish you want. ( i.e. if you want a matte look use a matifying foundation )
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Importance Series

Hiiiii everyone! Today im gonna be talking  about the importance of the beauty rule: Less is More! I cannot stress this enough. And i have something to admit. I once was a major violater of this rule!

On the day of a field trip in 6th grade i was running late so i slapped on a huge amount of blue eyeshadow. I know, im ashamed. If thier was a support group for people who wear a hideously large amount of blue eyeshadow i'd be there!

" My names Payton and i was not aware of the beauty rule: Less is More"

As an 8th grader at a middle school i see girls offend this rule daily. It's a sad sight.

Heres a few ways to keep it simple but gorgeous.

1. If your short on time dont follow in my footsteps by slathering on what you can in 5 minutes. Keep it easy by just applying a coat or two of mascara and lip balm.

2. If you have more time or want a more intricate look try adding blush and lip gloss.

3. Lets say you have lots of extra time and feel like going fancy. A little concealer and foundation is the perfect base.

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Update and New Series(:

Hiii everyone! A few days ago i discovered an amazing new beauty blog and it inspired me to.....

Drumroll please!.......

Completely Re-Do my blog! I really think you'll like it(: Here are some things you'll be seeing:

- New Pictures (not just new, my own) YAAAY<3
- New Posts and Post Updates
- Giveaways YAAAY<3
- And More(:

Now for the new series. This new post series is all about the Importance of Beauty. So basically its gonna identify the most important beauty tips and tricks for teens!

Sunscreen Importance

As a kid my mom actually never made me where sunscreen. Not because she wasnt a good mom but because she was unaware of the consequences of not protecting your skin. I now wear sunscreen almost everday and i wear the highest SPF i can. Im actually not very good about sunscreen but i will be. Just google "sun effects" and some pretty gross but real pictures will come up. Its best to get in the habit as early as possible. Sunscreen will do more than any wrinkle cream can later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Leibster Blog Award

Hiiii everyone, today im finally gonna do this tag thingy.  LOL. A few days ago nominated me! (Thanks girly, big fan).

Award: Leibster
Meaning: German for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved <3, lovely, kind pleasant valued cute endearing and welcome
1.) Must post 11 things about yourself
2.) Answer questions created by whoever tagged you then make your own 11
3.) Go to thier page and tell them
4.) No tag backs (;

1.) What inspired your blog?
Ummm, beauty gurus on youtube like blair and elle. Since i cant make videos i started this and loved it since.

2.) If you could only have 1 pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be?
Easy, black flats. Comfy casual or fancy.

3.) Are you a blush or bronzer type of gal?
Umm, blush or tie

4.) If you had a $300 gift certificate to ULTA what brand would you buy the most of?
Urban Decay or Essie (if they have it)

5.) What makes you guenuily happy?
Cupcakes and Followers(;

6.) When did you discover your passion for beauty/fashion?
When i met my ex bestie brooke

7.) Whats the first website you go on on the internet?
Facebook or my blog

8.) Favorite foundation?
No fav

9.) Do your friends and famiky know about your blog?
My mom and aunt and sis do but not really any friends.

10.) Whats your go to lip color?
Clear gloss

11.) Whats your dream job?

To open up a cupcake shop<3

I'll do everything else later(;

Update & more

Hiii, everyone(: Today im gonna post about lots of things(: First i just wanna mention im posting this from my moms phone LOL. So this is gonna be a combo post kinda.

Tips: (i learned from books)

1.) keep cuticle balm in your purse
2.) bright belts highlight your waiste
3.) sunscreen is a must
4.) have good quality tools
5.) dont dry nails with a blowdryer or heatsource
6.) if you dont have a primer cream eyeshadow is a good eye base to help the color stay

Beauty Myths:

1.) drinking 8 glasses of water will hydrate skin
2.) natural and heurbal products are better for skin
3.) toothpaste can make zits disappear
4.) always test foundation on the back of youd hand

5.) tinted concealer is needed to correct certain flaws
6.) eye shadow should match your eye color
7.) pumping your mascara wand will get rid of clumps
8.) you have to curl lashes before applying mascara
9.) not everyone can wear red lipstick
10.) lip plumpers can change the size of your pout
11.) eating jello will give you strong nails
12.) fast drying topcoats are the best way to perserve your mani

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(cant post my hugs and kisses times 13 since im on my moms phone)

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hiii, everyone! Today is the first day i'm going post some of my own pictures to this blog(: Yay! I'm super excited and if it goes well i'll post more of my own pictures (: So this is an update about my nails. A few days ago i cut my nails super short (for me). So i'm going to include the before and after picture and in about a week or two i'll update with a new picture(:


Photo: Before... (:


Photo: And after... Cut my nails so they can grow again(:

So yeah, i'm just waiting for them to grow, doing my same treatments. But i actually added a treatment but i dont do it daily, just after i remove polish. Comment below if you'd like a post about Naturally Whitening your nails after polish ?(:

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),


Collab Giveaway(:

Hiiii, everyone! Today i'm going to be posting about a collab giveaway i came upon a few days ago. This giveaway is a collaboration meaning more than 1 beauty guru will be getting together, contributing money and prizes to make 1 big giveaeway(: This collab giveaeaway is by Krazyray (Link below), Makeupbymandy24 (Link below), Freshblush (Link below), Beautytakenin (Link below), Cloecouture (Link below), and Rclbeauty101 (Link below). This post is basically to spread the word and wish good luck to everyone who entered! (:

Prizes (and how i'd use them):

1 MAC Blush
 - Keep (or give to Brooke depending on shade)
2 MAC Lipsticks in viva glam nicki, cream cup
 - Keep both (or give to Brooke depending on shade)
1 MAC Lipglass in nyphette
 - Keep
5 MAC Eyeshadows in carbon, li lilly, nautical navy, pincho peach
 - Keep carbon, nautical (Giveaway others unless i change my mind)
16 OPI Nail Polishes in :
Bright lights big color
 - Keep
o'hare & nails look great
 - Keep
kiss on the chic
- Keep
opi blue shatter
 - Keep
she's golden
 - Keep
 - Keep
the one that got away
  - Keep
shanghai shimmer
 - Keep
big hair big nails
 - Keep
 - Keep
last friday night
- Keep
 - Keep
18k ginza gold
 - Keep
charged up cherry
 - Keep
2 Packs of mini OPI Nail Polishes in nicki minaj collection and in texas ranger
 - Keep both
Lash Stash by Sephora
 - Keep
Coastal Scents 88 original palette
 - Keep
coastal scents 10 blush palette
 - Keep
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
 - Keep
Urban Decay book of shadows
 - Keep
Primer Potion
 - Keep
2 philosophy body washes in rasberry and cinnamon
- Keep both (or give brooke 1)
3 u.d. glide on 24/7 pencils in
 - Keep
u.d. primer potion is eden
- Keep (or give to brooke)
proactive face wash
- Brooke
bella bamba boxed powder from benefit
 - Keep
tarte gel liner
- Keep
tarte lip stain
- Keep (or give to brooke depending on shade)
tarte cheek stain
 - Give to brooke
tarte mascara
- Keep
stay dont stray by benefit
- Keep (or give to brooke)
brush holder - Give to brooke
ink for eyes by u.d. in  zero
- Keep
sephora face serum - Keep (or give to brooke)
sugar rose lip balm
- Keep (or give to brooke depending on shade)
nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk
 - Keep
ud all nighter spray
- Give to meme
KORRES Lip Butter in athens
 - Keep (or give to brooke depending on shade)
Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in pop
 - Keep
Mac Paint Pot (Bare Study)
- Keep
Eye Bright by Benefit
- Keep (or give to brooke)
Sephora Choco Excess Eyeshadow
 - Give to brooke
Smashbox Eyeshadow in dusk
- Keep
Marcisco Rodriguez Perfume
- Give to mom
Nail Buffer and Filer
 - Keep
Benefit High Beam
- Keep (or give to brooke depending on shade)
Mac Hey Sailor Tattoo
- give to Fiona
Tarte Mini Mascara
- Keep
Smokey Pink Leapord Bronzer by Too Faced
- Keep
Stila Lip Glaze Set (7 Lip Glosses)
- Keep
Black Train Case
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume
- Keep
KQC Straightening Iron
- Keep
Thermal Heat Spray
- Keep
Flat Iron Holder
- Keep
Pink Ipod Shuffle
- Keep

2nd Place: $50 Gift Card- Keep (buy brooke something)
3rd Place: $25 Gift Card- Keep (give to brooke)
Giveaway ends Sept. 4 so hurry and enter(:


câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),