Sunday, April 29, 2012

My basic daily makeup routine for school

Heres what i do in the morning to get ready for school! I know i should be doing somethings differently so later you may be seeing a "Morning Makeup Routine Goal" post or something! LETS BEGIN(:

1. Plug in straight iron
2. Apply sunscreen (while straight iron heats)
3. Curl eyelashes
4. Apply 1 coat of mascara
5. Apply light cream color all over eyelid
6. Apply a dark coffee color in crease
7. Add second coat of mascara
8. Apply lipgloss of choice
9. Check straightner to see if its heated
10. Comb out hair a few times
11. Straighten hair strand by strand
12. Put on headband of choice
13. Check my work ! (:

And thats it! (: Keep reading

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