Monday, April 30, 2012

Perfect your at home manicure!

Hii everyone, today i'm going to make my first post about nails <3 Ahhh, i'm so excited! So lets start. And this is usable for a manicure AND peticure so enjoy! I'll also include some pics(:

Perfecting your at home Manicure (and peticure) -From the Beauty Bible by Paula Begoun

1. Remove any previously applied polish

2. Gently file nails into the shape you want

3. Soak nails in plain warm water for no more than 3 minutes
4. Trim the cuticle and avoid pushing it back as much as possible
5. Trim the nails carefully using sharp mani scissors or nail clippers
6. Moisturize the cuticle with a cuticle oil
Cuticle Oil+
7. Remove the oil before painting nails
8. Apply a basecoat
Top 2 Bottom
9. Apply the first coat of desired polish

10. Apply a second coat evening after the first coat has dried
11. After the two coats are completely dry apply a topcoat
Top 2 Bottom
12. Touch up polish every other day with a layer of top coat to make it last longer

And Tah-Dah!!! You have yourself a perfect at home mani/pedi! Enjoy

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