Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: E.L.F. Studion 27 piece mini makeup collection

I'm going to share with you guys my 13 things i love and hate about this item.
1. the packaging is sleek, strong, and black!
2.the idea behind this palette
3.4/9 of the shadows
4.the size is small and very portable; great for travel
5.the additional pencil eyeliner
6. its very convenient

7.5/9 of the shadows flake, and don't stay
8.the cream shadow isn't pigmented enough
9.the lip colors have a very annoying consistency
10.the lip shades dont go with common skin tones
11.the applicators are flimsy
12.the brow powder is too light
13.the stay power sucks

Summary: 3/5 stars, This product has many great features as well as some that need improvement. I recommend this to a beginner or someone who travels often.

Disclaimer: I wasn't given this product to review.

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