Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Update & more

Hiii, everyone(: Today im gonna post about lots of things(: First i just wanna mention im posting this from my moms phone LOL. So this is gonna be a combo post kinda.

Tips: (i learned from books)

1.) keep cuticle balm in your purse
2.) bright belts highlight your waiste
3.) sunscreen is a must
4.) have good quality tools
5.) dont dry nails with a blowdryer or heatsource
6.) if you dont have a primer cream eyeshadow is a good eye base to help the color stay

Beauty Myths:

1.) drinking 8 glasses of water will hydrate skin
2.) natural and heurbal products are better for skin
3.) toothpaste can make zits disappear
4.) always test foundation on the back of youd hand

5.) tinted concealer is needed to correct certain flaws
6.) eye shadow should match your eye color
7.) pumping your mascara wand will get rid of clumps
8.) you have to curl lashes before applying mascara
9.) not everyone can wear red lipstick
10.) lip plumpers can change the size of your pout
11.) eating jello will give you strong nails
12.) fast drying topcoats are the best way to perserve your mani

Thanks for reading(; 18 followers, WOOHOO<3

(cant post my hugs and kisses times 13 since im on my moms phone)

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