Thursday, August 23, 2012

Importance Series

Hiiii everyone! This time i'll be posting about the importance of a good base. When i say a good base i mean makeup-wise! (:

Some may ask why is a good base is important. Well im gonna tell you! A good base for makeup is like a good base for cupcakes. ( I know, im obsessed. I just had to connect it to cupcakes, didnt i. )

If you dont have a good base ( cupcake pans and liners ) your cupcakes wont be as beautiful. With makeup its a bit less serious though. If you skip foundation and go straight to mascara the world wont end but if you try to make cupcakes on a cookie sheet something will go wrong!

Here are some possibilities. This isnt a concrete list so change this to fit your skin type and preferences.

- Primers ( a face primer is used to fill pores, gaps, and wrinkles to create a smooth surface. This step is optional, good f or all skin types )
- Concealer ( a cream, liquid, mousse, etc. formula for hiding small imperfections. not ment for all over the face wear )
- Foundation ( a liquid, creme, powder, etc. formula used to create a nice base for makeup, all over face wear )
- Translucent Powder ( a light powder formula used to seal in the base and create a matte or dewy finish, all over face wear )


1. I reccommend applying primer with a finger
2. Apply concealer with a finger or a small concealer brush
3. Apply foundation with a brush
4. Apply translucent powder with a large fluffy brush
5. Use a foundation that is specifically for the finish you want. ( i.e. if you want a matte look use a matifying foundation )
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