Thursday, August 23, 2012

Importance Series

Hiiiii everyone! Today im gonna be talking  about the importance of the beauty rule: Less is More! I cannot stress this enough. And i have something to admit. I once was a major violater of this rule!

On the day of a field trip in 6th grade i was running late so i slapped on a huge amount of blue eyeshadow. I know, im ashamed. If thier was a support group for people who wear a hideously large amount of blue eyeshadow i'd be there!

" My names Payton and i was not aware of the beauty rule: Less is More"

As an 8th grader at a middle school i see girls offend this rule daily. It's a sad sight.

Heres a few ways to keep it simple but gorgeous.

1. If your short on time dont follow in my footsteps by slathering on what you can in 5 minutes. Keep it easy by just applying a coat or two of mascara and lip balm.

2. If you have more time or want a more intricate look try adding blush and lip gloss.

3. Lets say you have lots of extra time and feel like going fancy. A little concealer and foundation is the perfect base.

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