Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update and New Series(:

Hiii everyone! A few days ago i discovered an amazing new beauty blog and it inspired me to.....

Drumroll please!.......

Completely Re-Do my blog! I really think you'll like it(: Here are some things you'll be seeing:

- New Pictures (not just new, my own) YAAAY<3
- New Posts and Post Updates
- Giveaways YAAAY<3
- And More(:

Now for the new series. This new post series is all about the Importance of Beauty. So basically its gonna identify the most important beauty tips and tricks for teens!

Sunscreen Importance

As a kid my mom actually never made me where sunscreen. Not because she wasnt a good mom but because she was unaware of the consequences of not protecting your skin. I now wear sunscreen almost everday and i wear the highest SPF i can. Im actually not very good about sunscreen but i will be. Just google "sun effects" and some pretty gross but real pictures will come up. Its best to get in the habit as early as possible. Sunscreen will do more than any wrinkle cream can later.

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