Monday, July 30, 2012

New Blog(;

Hiii everyone! I found this new nail blog and i thought it was so cute i should share it with my readers(; The blog is and its originally in french but it can be easily translated with the click of a button. I really like trying to figure it out when its in french because i took french a couple years now and its great practice and kinda fun(;

I also think the blog creater has a little store where she sells self made nail polishes too but i'm not sure. I love the way she posts such detailed pictures and explains the colors and how they look in real life! She also has some really great tutorials so check out her blog.

And she has a youtube channel with a few nail related videos so if you really like her check out her channel: I watched some of the videos and i really like how well she paints her nails. Like i can tell from the pictures she loves doing it and in a way it makes me happy(;

I might do a special post about her blog (kinda like this) tonight but i'm not sure if it'll upset her and i cant really comment on her blog because i wont get a reply soon enough so i'm prob gonna end up doing it but leaving a ton of her links so she doesn't (hopefully) get upset. (:

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),


P.S. If you ever want to make a post about my blog email me at: (;And if you dont email me please give me credit for everything(: Thanks<3

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