Friday, July 6, 2012

Room Makeover

Hiii everyone. This is my 4th post today because i dont know when i'll have computer access again. So this post will we about my room makeover i hope to do this febuary.

Basic Room Info:

-My room is small ( like 9' by 11' )
-It used to be my dad's office so it has a file cabinet and mini fridge in it
-My closet it about 4' by 4'
-My room has 3 doors (2 from the inside and 1 from the outside)

Theme: Parisian Beauty
Colors: Black, White, Gold, Pink

Furniture Wishlist:

1.) Curtains (Maybe DIY)
My door is sort of "different" then other bedroom doors. My door is actually two doors that open outward and they are glass, see-through. So i thought black long curtains on my door AND short matching ones on the window would be perfect(:

2.) Futon
My grandma has a black futon in her garage that isnt in use except for her cat who sleeps on it. I think i can have that and it goes great with the theme.

3.) Bed Set+Pillows
I really like this bed set because it goes with the theme and its black and white. Plus the pillows match the covers.

4.) Picture Frames
I had this idea to create my own art work by framing collages i make myself and cool pictures from magazines. And pictures of course.

5.) Night Stand
This little stand is perfect to go right beside my black futon. I really like it because i can store things that help me sleep in the drawer. I plan to include tea packets, lavendar bath salts, hot-pack, pillow spray, sleep mask, etc. On top of it i can have a lamp and some type of decoration and a glass of water.

Those are the main things i hope to purchase soon to improve my room. Thanks for reading. One more follower and i'll do a giveaway(:

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),



  1. I use to know someone who had an office like that sounds just like what you are talking about and the mother wanted to make it her room, and the doors are called French doors and they are lovely. I love that style. If you have an IKEA around you, consider shopping there you can find some cute inexpensive furniture there and picture frames among other things.

    1. Thanks. I love how the doors are called french doors because it goes along with my Parisian theme! Comments like yours make my day. (: Thanks

      câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),


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