Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hairstyles with Hair Bows

Hiii everyone! So i dont think i've ever mentioned this on my blog but wear a hair bow or headband everyday and everywhere, unless my hoods up! Anyway this is my first hair post so i'm  excited! (:

And its basically about how to style your hair with a headband or hairbow (:

1.) In the back! (Now i wasnt really a fan of this but i think its so creative!) (:

2.) On the side (I do this often)

3.) Across the top of your head (I think its adorable but it doesnt work with my hair :(

4.) In front of a bun

5.) Down a braid (picture on the right)

6.) Literal hair bow on top of the head (tried it, my hairs to short :(

7.) In an afro (I dont have one...unless my hair gets wet ;)

8.) On top of a low pony tail in the back

9.) On the back of a bun

10.) Behind a mini poof

11.) Around a braid

12.)Behind bangs

13.) One on each side

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),


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