Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Tag!

Hiii, everyone! So i was on youtube and there's this summer tag going around so i thought i'd do it! (:

Hot or cold?
- Hot! I love warm weather...and i strongly dislike cold weather haha
What's your favorite season?
- SUMMER! Lol, thats what this whole tags about! I just love the warm weather and not having to go to school(:
Beach or pool?
-I say the beach 'cause you can just swim in the ocean, and you can look for seashells, and thiers SAND<3 I <3 sand
What's your favorite summer activity?
- Ummm...camping! I've only been camping once and it wasn't even real camping but its so fun and i hope i can do it again this year
What's your ideal summer outfit?
- Hmmm....
Some type of dress like this! (: And i'm not a big hat person but this is pretty cute! (:
Shorts or skirts?
- Shorts! I find that i wear shorts more but i'm trying to wear skirts more often.
What's a must have item this summer?
- SUNSCREEN (i wear it everyday anyway (;) And lip balm
Are you going to camp?
- I was gonna go to girls camp with my friend but she's not going...I hope i can go camping for the 4th of july again(:
Are you going on vacation?
- I am most likely going to California to see my family
Are you a sunglasses person?
- Not really..only because i wear glasses and dont have contacts
Favorite summer food?
- Hmmm...good question, probably ICECREAM and FROYO! <3
Favorite summer drink?
- Easy! Smoothies and Milkshakes<3
Have you ever gone water skiing or tubing?
- Nope, but i went to a waterpark in Cali and i went down a really scary waterslide in a big tube that fits 4 people...does that count?
What's your favorite makeup product in the summer?
- Ummm... I dont wear a lot of makeup in the summer...probably lip gloss
What's your favorite clothing item for summer?
- I haven't really been summer shopping yet but like i mentioned before i wanna wear dresses and skirts more often! (;

Thanks for reading! (;

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),


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