Thursday, May 3, 2012

My summer Prediction (and hope)

Hiii everyone! So i've recently became more interested in my nails then i have my makeup so i'm going to make 13 predictions (and hopes) on what will be in this summer! So lets begin!

1.) Hot purple replacing Hot pink

2.) Ripped White Denim Shorts

3.) Gold Eye Makeup Looks

4.) Nautical Fashions

5.) Summer Jobs ('Cause i'm gonna be broke LOL)

6.) Icecream, Froyo, and Smoothies <3

7.) Swimming

8.) Seattle

9.) Sleepovers
10.) Quiz your friends books
Coke or Pepsi?: 1000 Coke or Pepsi Questions 2 Ask Your Friends!
11.) Shopping

12.) Junk Food

13.) California

So that was it! Hope you enjoyed it(:

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